Writing Goals To Achieve them: How Yvania Dastine Changed Her Life By Writing And Striving For Her Goals

Writing Goals To Achieve them: How Yvania Dastine Changed Her Life By Writing And Striving For Her Goals

Yvania Dastine has always been successful at achieving her goals. From a young age, she was inspired to start writing down her goals. This has helped her plan for her future and create tangible goals that she can strive to achieve. So far, she has been successful at achieving them all while juggling multiple businesses and a family!

“I am a wife, mother of 3 young boys, a registered nurse and currently finishing my Master’s degree to become a Nurse Practitioner. Besides that, I was born in Haiti and came to the U.S at 8 years old with my mom in search of a better life. At a young age I knew what it meant to lack because I grew up not having much. At 12 years old, I remember reading books like Rich Dad, Poor Dad and listening to speakers like Joel Osteen who said in order to reach your goals in life, you must understand the power of words and writing down your goals. At 12, I had my mind and goals made up. I wrote in my Joel Osteen devotional journal a timeline for myself. I wrote, at 16 I want my own car, at 18 I want to own something of my own (owned a hair salon in NY), 22 get married, 23 have my first child, 27 have a stable career (6 figure earner as an entrepreneur and nurse), 32 have my last child, 35 retired as a millionaire. All of these goals have been accomplished except my last goal. I am currently 33 years old and know that I will be a retired millionaire by my 35th birthday.” States Yvania.

To make these goals come true, Yvania has done many things to make herself successful. She owns multiple businesses with the main goal being to help clients achieve their own financial success. In addition, her businesses are diverse in their scope, allowing her to be successful in many different vocations.

“I am currently the proud owner of an Auto Insurance agency, credit repair company, financial Literacy company and nutrition health club. My vision is to help others with Health and Wealth. Each business is aimed at helping my clients first get educated on their personal finance and how to navigate that. Education is the number one tool in helping any client reach long term results. My credit repair business helps educate on the importance of leveraging good credit to obtain wealth and assets. The Financial Firm company helps clients with getting Life Insurance policies, Health Insurance policies, 401k rollovers, wealth planning, college planning, annuities, and personal finance management. The nutrition club aims at helping clients obtain a healthier lifestyle for losing weight and maintaining healthy lifestyles through proper nutrition and exercise.” Says Yvania.

Despite her now obvious success, Yvania has struggled with obstacles in her path. The biggest challenge for her was accepting herself and her own self image. With all of the stress from her various jobs, it was difficult for Yvania to begin accepting herself and the world around her, but with time she eventually overcame this as well. 

“I had trouble accepting me for me. That sounds so simple, but when you can get to a place where you can accept your flaws, insecurities, failures, and use that to better yourself, that’s growth. Obstacles come in all shapes and sizes to some it may be physical, health, financial, ect., however, for me it is putting away my personal biases of the world and accepting it for what it is.” Explains Yvania.

For Yvania, her businesses have always been about helping others achieve their full potential like she did herself. For Yvania, she measures her success through helping her clients more than anything else. That is why, in the future, Yvania hopes to begin a project to help people in Haiti, which is where she immigrated from.

“I am passionate about seeing growth and success with my clients. My motives are from genuine results not just for monetary or egotistic reasons. I want every client that walks through my door to get what they need from my services and I will do my very best to give them that result. My clients are always first. My next projects are to open a non profit organization and charity to give back to my community and people in need. I want to build a medical university, clinic and shelters in my country, Haiti, for children and young adults who are struggling.” Emphasized Yvania.

If you would like to learn more about Yvania, you can follow her on Instagram @surpassing_mediocrity, and you can check out her websites myfes.net/YDastine and ucesprotectionplan.com/proplan99.aspx?rid=YDastine to understand more about her financial and credit help businesses.