Trevor Cowley: The Entrepreneur Who is Helping Everyone in the Entrepreneurship Industry With Easier Accounting

Trevor Cowley: The Entrepreneur Who is Helping Everyone in the Entrepreneurship Industry With Easier Accounting

Accounting is necessary in any business, including entrepreneurship ventures. Nonetheless, while the entrepreneurship world has skyrocketed in the past few years, the world of Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and private accountants has not caught up. 

Trevor Cowley is a unique man. He got involved in sales when he was a teenager, but quickly after he almost lost everything due to opioid addiction. At 24 he got clean and ever since, he has been working in entrepreneurship making sure he is surrounded by a healthy and motivational environment.

Soon after, he joined a company that was struggling and had lost nearly 200K the year prior. Trevor became the new partner and asked to run the business. The first year with Trevor at the lead, the business had a 700K turn around. 

To this day, Trevor is co-owner of four different companies and is proud to still work with the same three partners, with whom he has built healthy and successful relationships. Recently, they decided to venture elsewhere and fill a gap that they had constantly faced in the entrepreneurship world: the gap between accountants and entrepreneurs. 

“At that time, we owned two businesses and couldn’t find a firm that was affordable and that provided good communication. If we found a CPA or an accountant that was good, they were always too expensive. If we found one that was more affordable, their work was either bad or they couldn’t give us what we needed on time.” Trevor remarks.

This is how Easier Accounting was born, an accounting firm with the mission of raising the bar for how the accounting industry serves its clients. 

“We know that business owners need someone to do accounting, and that accountants need business owners, but there is somehow a disconnect between the two of them. We thought, who better to know how to serve a business than a business owner? Who better than us?” Trevor says.

They created Easier Accounting to fix the problem themselves. The company has a full staff of accountants and bookkeepers who focus on good communication and affordability. Trevor says that the job of him and his partners is to “make sure our staff understands the needs of business owners.”

For Trevor, the biggest challenge of starting any business is overcoming fear of failure, which he does by taking action and being patient. On the one hand, Trevor sees fear as an opportunity for growth. To overcome it, you must take control of your own life as well as your own mind, in order to stop it from creating fake scenarios in your head. On the other hand, he thinks that it is crucial to that building a business takes time, and results will come later. In addition, mindset is crucial in overcoming this and any other challenge.

“You will be successful not because of what you know, but because you have a winning mindset.” Trevor states.

His advice to any business owner is to watch your numbers closely, and to not think that you don’t need an accountant because not enough money is coming in yet. It is important to understand where your money is going so you can ensure the highest probability of success. This is something Easier Accounting can help with.

Success for Trevor means being able to impact other people’s lives. He says, “in my younger years, success meant wealth and power, but now it means having my house in order and being able to impact other people’s lives.” He can do this because he has achieved financial freedom..

“Money fills up your bank account, but impacting others will fill up your soul!” Trevor says.

Trevor and his partners are fully focused in growing Easier Accounting, because “when you feel like you can come into an industry and shake it up, you can’t miss that opportunity.” They expect the company to be evaluated at 50 million by 2025. 

Easier Accounting is helping accountants coming out of school to learn how to acquire customers and manage them, while also helping entrepreneurs get good accountants who know how to communicate with them. 

Trevor’s admirable goal is to help others, even those who are in his same industry. Through their Instagram, Trevor and his partners provide free business advice and motivation. And through their podcast “Real Business Owners”, they find another way to give value to the business community. Check them out!