Running Digital Campaigns For Nestle, PepsiCo, Procter & Gamble, And Many More Is Just Scratching The Surface Of All That Verónica Ruiz Del Vizo Has To Offer

Running Digital Campaigns For Nestle, PepsiCo, Procter & Gamble, And Many More Is Just Scratching The Surface Of All That Verónica Ruiz Del Vizo Has To Offer

Verónica Ruiz del Vizo is an international entrepreneur who has had to push the boundaries of her abilities and work harder than others to make her business a success. She knew this was her destiny even from a young age, so she began her efforts early on to make her dreams come true.

“From an early age I had to understand that I had to create my own destiny by working hard, being transparent, a risk taker, straight forward, trusting the process and most importantly believing in myself and my true potential.

I’m not afraid of changes. I´m willing to destroy and rebuild what I’ve been working on for ages if the circumstances require me to do it. Because there are no options. What exceeds you is no longer under your control and I feel responsible to take actions on it and innovation is a key factor.

This is why I’m a self-made businesswoman who’s always dreaming, doing, learning and teaching, surrounded, of course by talented people that push me to give my 100% every day,” Veronica explains.

Her young start was kicked off by the unfortunate loss of her mother. She had to quickly find a way to create her own income, so she created her first business. From that moment on, Veronica has never steered away from this path and has found incredible success.

“At a very young age I experienced the death of my mother and this tragic event marked a before and after in my life and brought the urgency to generate my own income. So I started my first business, which was a magazine called “REVISTA OJO”. 

And one of my biggest motivations was that I was very excited to be part of the inevitable changes that were coming for communications: that democratization and access that social networks brought. This is why at only 20 years old I founded my digital agency, where I ran digital campaigns for brands like PEPSICO, DIAGEO, Nestlé, Procter and Gamble and many more,” Veronica recounts.

Not only does Veronica help other businesses and has gained financial independence, she is also incredibly happy doing what she does. Her job brings her satisfaction and she is able to work with incredible people from all walks of life and all across the globe.

“I run a digital Agency called Team Remoto, created a successful online course called “Bootcamp Transforma Tu Instagram en 21 Días”, co-founded an e-learning platform called Dar Learning and what brings me more joy is the opportunity to create safe working environments, where people feel free to be themselves and be pleased to wake up every morning excited to go to work (or in this case, connect to zoom with their teammates)

All of my business are based on a Team Work philosophy and this year gave me the chance to build a new working group with people from all around the world, from Venezuela to Peru, Ecuador, Spain, Miami, Argentina, gathering many cities and talents that had worked with pure passion, purpose and fun!

Companies are relevant to the extent that they add value to people’s lives,”
Veronica says.

After so many years of experience and hardwork, Veronica has some advice for those looking to start their own businesses: begin the journey and do not look back from there.

“My biggest learning about starting a business is that starting is simply starting a journey, in which you are the leader of that adventure.

You will have people who accompany you, people who change along the way, people who get tired of the road, rewards and joys, storms and obstacles to overcome.

And every time you dream more, it turns out that that road gets longer. Entrepreneurship is transforming while you continue doing many things that you don’t like, leading issues alone, finding good allies and enemies, collaborating and competing … and continuing to walk … only if you grow from each experience and the process makes you stronger,” Veronica advises.

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