Learning Lessons From The Past: How Latrell Goss Created A Financial Literacy Business Off Of His Past Experiences

Learning Lessons From The Past: How Latrell Goss Created A Financial Literacy Business Off Of His Past Experiences

Chicago is known for being a very tough city. Many parts of the city still struggle with high poverty rates and violence. Growing up in Chicago was difficult for Latrell Goss. The violence and death that he witnessed he still carries with him today. Though it was an incredibly difficult childhood, Latrell took away many lessons from those days that pushed him to become the person that he is today.

“Growing up in Chicago, you’re exposed to a lot of things. Violence and drug abuse were just a few things that I witnessed! The only way I knew how to become successful was to play sports or do music. I played Football in college, but being a knucklehead landed me off the team. After that, I dropped out. I struggled taking care of my family, but didn’t have a problem with keeping up with the JONES. I knew I had to do something different with my life.” Remembers Latrell.

Unfortunately, further tragedy pushed Latrell to the brink, and he realized that the nine to five life was not for him. He lost a daughter due to an asthma attack after a manager at his job postponed him from leaving work. He knew after that that something had to change. 

“I was fired from my nine to five job. At the time, I had two daughters. One day my daughters, Auriel, had an asthma attack and I told my manager that I had to leave. She told me NO, but I left anyway. As I pulled up to my home at the time, the paramedics were carrying her out the home. She passed away due to an asthma attack. That day did something to me! I told myself I would never let anyone tell me what to do or how to do, anything ever again!” Exclaims Latrell. 

After this, Latrell began his financial literacy business. Through this program, Latrell hopes to create healthy financial habits for numerous people. During his own childhood, Latrell was not taught the skills needed to properly manage bank accounts. 

“Growing up, I wasn’t taught how to balance a checkbook, manage money, etc. Financial Literacy wasn’t a household discussion! I was taught, ‘you can’t take it with you when you die.’ However, I understood that having excellent credit would allow me to do some things that I wanted to establish for my family. Knowing that, I was able to assist in changing someone’s life. It’s not about me! My mentor Anthony Jackson taught me that, ‘If you help someone become prosperous, you’ll become prosperous by default!’ Once I realized that you have to serve the people, everything started to fall in place. The more you help, the more you’ll accomplish. You have to be a servant leader! Says Latrell.

Though Latrell has been very successful in his newfound business, it was not easy at first to get his family on board. Family and friends can be very supportive up to a point, but it can sometimes be hard for them to follow along.

“I’ve learned that people, even the ones you care about, will use their failures in life to keep you in a comfortable place in life. You have to ask yourself, ‘why is it when growing up, you’re told you can be anything in the world?’ but when you grow up, you’re told to get a job, this or that will not work, etc. Basically, killing your dreams based on someone else’s fears.” Comments Latrell.

Once he was able to get his family on board with his plans, Latrell has helped many people through his business. His next steps are to look into real estate and perhaps open up a small business to help inspire others to follow through with their own dreams. 

“I know my daughter Auriel is looking down from heaven smiling and saying, ‘Look at him, doing too much!’ My daughter Harmony and my beautiful newborn daughter Serenity give me life. They mean the world to me! If I don’t show them how a man is supposed to act and provide, who will? Cherish life and give people their roses while they’re here with us!” Recommends Latrell.

If you want to learn more about Latrell, you can follow him on Instagram @latrellgoss, and you can learn more about his financial literacy services on his website leveragemyscore.com.