How Connections Helped Ernesto Gaita Create His Brand Marketing Business

How Connections Helped Ernesto Gaita Create His Brand Marketing Business

Connections are important to everyone who is trying to get ahead in the business world. How people remember you, who you are in connection with, and even small gestures when meeting someone new can make all the difference. For Ernesto Gaita, he was able to create valuable connections in his life through his numerous jobs which eventually helped him create his business.

 “I loved knowing more people, and knowing different people, and being able to communicate with different races, ages, and cultures. This was always fascinating to me, and when I first got into promoting and hosting at nightclubs, when I was around 18 or 19 years old, I began to see the power of networking. Promoting nightclubs is where my network started to come together, and I saw how important it was to be able to give someone value, especially when you’re trying to build a network. I loved taking care of each person I would host, I would go above and beyond to help my network any way possible, even besides nightlife.” Explains Ernesto.

Out of these relationships, Ernesto began his own company, knowing that this was his true passion. At 23 years old, Ernesto began this adventure by creating a business known as Booth and Bottle, which was rebranded as Jukebox, which was designed as a directory for connecting people to concerts and other events. Unfortunately, this first venture did not work out as Ernesto had planned.

“My network grew even bigger at this point, as I was introduced to the tech industry, and soon enough Jukebox became part of IBMs Incubation centre in downtown Toronto. We stayed there for a year, learned a lot, and then moved out into our first office. Jukebox wasn’t making the money we thought, and we had a big team. With no one making much money, the team collapsed, and I remained, alone. I didn’t know if Jukebox would work out, but I knew I was on the right path.” Recounts Ernesto.

Ernesto stuck by his guns and relied on his network of supporters, friends, and connections to get him through this tough time. He waited and eventually connected with another entrepreneur, Anthony Sorella. The two worked hard for two years building their relationship and their new brand. They eventually created their new company Neighbourhood Creative.

“Neighbourhood Creative is a full fledged creative agency located in the heart of downtown Toronto. We specialize in social media management, website development, branding/design, influencer marketing, and event marketing. At the moment our team is at around 10 people total.” Says Ernesto.

Ernesto tries to differentiate his business from other marketing businesses by staying consistent more than anything. His company works with hundreds of brands and entrepreneurs on a weekly basis in helping them further their business and increase their connections. Ernesto’s consistency as well as his creativity has allowed for this growth.

“I feel as though I’m very consistent in what I do. Whatever I set my mind to, I make sure I do everything I can to achieve. I am always looking for creative ways to collaborate, expand my network, create content, and create unique and special relationships. I like to think I am very driven, and I am always trying to set an example to the people around me, and that has brought me to where I am today. My mindset is that I want to win at everything I do, from a global marketing campaign, to my activity on twitter, to responding to every message I receive, the consistency has played a part in my ability to constantly grow my network at a fast pace.” States Ernesto.

Ernesto is not quite sure what his next project will be, but he has had a couple of ideas that are based off of his interest in the restaurant industry. He has played with other ideas as well like opening a bar or barber shop, but whatever he is doing next, he will use his network of amazing connections to get there. 

“I would love to be using my resources and network to the best of its ability. I could see a restaurant/quick eats venue being my next venture, I have always loved the restaurant environment! I’ve even thought about a barber shop, or tattoo shop, that would be cool. I think whatever my next project is, I’m going to choose something that can benefit all my brands, and something that I can push easily with my network, and also something I’m passionate about! In addition, my podcast is being launched soon, Money Buys Happiness Podcast.Exclaims Ernesto.

Neighbourhood Creative just celebrated its one year anniversary, so if you would like to find out more about them, check out their website at You can also check out their Instagram