How A. Donahue Baker Worked Hard In Numerous Businesses And Is Now Sharing What He Learned With Other Entrepreneurs

How A. Donahue Baker Worked Hard In Numerous Businesses And Is Now Sharing What He Learned With Other Entrepreneurs

Starting a business and getting access to capital and information so that you can run a business is incredibly important yet is a huge barrier to entry for many people. These services are usually reserved for people who are wealthy or have insider knowledge. This is where A. Donahue comes in.

“People don’t know what they don’t know, and they don’t always know what is needed to take them to the next level. I was the same way when I started my own business. However, we are trying to tell people that they need our business and the tools that we provide to move from stagnation to the next level of growth.  Whether that is scaling up or just getting started,” A. Donahue explains.

What makes A. Donahue qualified to help people achieve their own business goals is his long-term career in numerous types of businesses. From starting a successful CPA practice to becoming a multi-millionaire real estate developer, A. Donahue Baker has made his mark in many industries and wants to help others do the same. His new Fintech startup, Money Avenue is one of the fastest growing companies in the country.  And through that company he now wants to help others in his community build wealth.

“As a former Grammy-nominated music producer I used my connections to help entertainers build wealth.  As a real estate developer, I use my knowledge of real estate to build a rental portfolio of over 500 residential and commercial units of real estate and that retired me from corporate America.  This also made me realize that there is an opportunity in the market for a company that can show people how to create wealth and increase financial literacy.  Thus, I co-founded the company, Money Avenue LLC, which is one of the fastest growing fintech startups in the country.  It is currently ranked 199 of the top 5000 companies this year for the INC 5000 list.  My commitment to helping others build generational wealth has led to being offered an opportunity to teach entrepreneurship and wealth-building strategies at Morehouse college in Atlanta.  What really makes me unique is my financing, wealth building, and business knowledge. I still incorporate tax advice and strategies into all my planning sessions with students & clients,” A. Donahue Baker states.

What makes A. Donahue different from others in the business world is that he is authentic. He uses his own gifts and talents to help others out. He has learned a lot from experience and his different jobs, and he is sharing that knowledge with everyone he encounters.

I try to be as authentic as possible. I am the best in the world at being me. No one has my gifts, my journey, my vision, my network, my resources, my talents, my platform, and able to tell that story in a way that is unique to me.  That resonates with the people I seek to connect with,” A. Donahue says.

His projects and helpful advice have led to many successful ventures in the business world for numerous people. As he explains it:

“I have a private Facebook group called Generational Wealth Builders (The Inner Circle). I teach people how to spot, analyze, and find apartment deals.  I have built that group to over 1000 people that I show strategy and real-world deals to acquire. Through Money Avenue, LLC we can get any business at least $50,000 of business funding that is not linked to a personal credit profile.  No personal guarantee.  If the business can show 2 years of tax returns, we can get the business a million-dollar line of credit not linked to a personal credit profile. We have an assortment of wealth building tools that really create an opportunity to build generational wealth for our community.  For example, in our group, we have a $3 million dollar line of credit that anyone can use to leverage and create greater wealth for business or real estate purposes.”

His future goals include continuing to grow Money Ave and the evolve the company into a full service Neobank that can offer high interest savings and checking accounts, family life insurance products, and high value business credit cards.  He wants to continue bettering his business as well as expanding with more products and partnerships that will help to create more wealth for our community. 

“I will continue to grow Money Ave, along with the close-knit team we assembled and the incredible technology we invested in, we are making a significant impact in the lives of everyday people.  Helping to turn more “Thousandaires” into Millionaires is hard work but that is gratifying work that may take a lifetime, but I am committed to leaving that legacy.” A. Donahue says.

To find out more about A. Donahue Baker, you can follow him on instagram or YouTube at @adonahuebaker and check out his website here.