Hard Work And The Right Mindset: How Michael Gould Became Successful Despite His Difficult Background

Hard Work And The Right Mindset: How Michael Gould Became Successful Despite His Difficult Background

Michael Gould has faced a lot of struggle throughout his life. His life growing up on the Southside of Chicago led to some difficult experiences and hard lifestyles. After dropping out of school before high school and receiving his GED, Michael had a hard time finding a nine to five job that worked for him. Though he tried multiple different jobs, he struggled with the rigid nine to five worklife. 

“I grew up on the South side of Chicago in a neighborhood that was drug infested and lot’s of gun violence. My highest level of education was an 8th grade diploma and I was a high school drop out. Once I received my GED, I tried numerous fast food jobs but I could never find any that was for me. I always felt like I was better than the job I was doing. Once I realized that working a job wasn’t for me I began to live a street life. At the age of 19, I was incarcerated for making bad decisions, I wasted six months of my life in a jail cell.” Michael recounts.

Unfortunately, Michael’s struggles did not end after this. As is the case with many people who are formerly incarcerated, it can be extraordinarily difficult to find a job due to the fact that many employers require prospective employees to check a box indicating that they have been incarcerated or convicted of a felony. 

“When I got out of jail, it was even more difficult to secure a job than before I went in. I went from job to job and nothing ever worked so I made the decision to get back into the street life. While living that life, I witnessed things that people would only see in movies but I had my mind made up that this was going to be the life for me.” Remembers Michael.

Things changed after Michael had his two children. He wanted to give both of them a different kind of life with more financial freedom. After working for a railroad company for a few years and being a high achiever in this job, Michael was unfairly fired for a small mistake. He made the decision right then to change the way he worked. 

“I got a job working at the railroads and it was an amazing job with benefits, great pay and I genuinely enjoyed my job. I was working at the railroad for three years and after getting recognized for numerous achievements I was let go due to one mistake. Once again I was defeated and back at a place in my life where I didn’t know where to start and I felt like I would never get right. After getting fired, I made it up in my mind that I would never punch a clock or give someone the power to decide if I could feed my children so I went back to the streets. One day I was outside and was witness to violence in the neighborhood. As I sat reflecting on what could have been the outcome of that, I came across my mentor, Anthony Jackson’s post on Facebook about becoming a network marketer.” Says Michael.

From there, Michael found his new passion: financial services and credit restoration. Through this business, he has been able to help a lot of people better their financial situation. Michael now earns six figures and never has to work a nine to five job again as well as he gets to spend more time with his family. 

“The best thing about this opportunity was that I now have the time to watch my three beautiful children grow up and I am able to show them that is always a better way. What makes me unique is that I am proof that no matter where you came from, what you’ve been through or how you were raised, if you stay focused and have the right mindset you can achieve your goals and become successful in life.” Explains Michael.

From this opportunity, Michael has already started thinking of expanding his work to realestate to begin helping others in that field as well. The best advice that Michael can give to anyone starting their own business is to work hard. Despite the fact that Michael came from a very difficult past, he was able to work hard and become successful. 

“Work hard, stay focused on your goals, let no one distract you from what you want to do! Mindset is a big part of success. You must stay positive and always see the bigger picture. Also, surround yourself with people who motivate you to become better because if it wasn’t for my team/family I wouldn’t be the man I am today.” Advises Michael.

For anyone who is interested in learning more about Michael, you can follow him on instagram @_Michael_Gould.