Following The Ecommerce Trend: How Steve Ridzyowski Was Able to Master Online Platforms

Following The Ecommerce Trend: How Steve Ridzyowski Was Able to Master Online Platforms

It is hard to keep up with trends. Technology and interests change incredibly quickly, and as soon as the new gadget is out, the next one is on its way. The internet and its ever changing ways may seem like a hard place to create a business, but Steve Ridzyowski has made a name for himself by doing just that. 

“I’ve been into the eCommerce/digital media buying space for 13 years. I have extensive experience in managing 7-8 figure digital advertising campaigns, and have spent over $10 million via various advertising platforms over the years. My propensities range from full-service management of Facebook, Google, Yahoo/Native campaigns to advanced level PPC, keyword strategies, and an aggressive affiliate marketing background. I run my independent eCommerce/online retail consultation practice, Ecommerce Marketing Agency where we consult and service individuals/companies on methods, and strategies to diversify what they do in a traditional sector to the online ecosystem. We love providing our clients with trending products throughout the year and managing their online stores. I’ve personally managed multiple 6-7 Figure Shopify Stores over the past 3 years. ” Says Steve.

Steve was personally introduced to this kind of entrepreneurship by a friend in high school. After seeing how successful this person was, Steve decided to change his life plan, not go to college, and instead, pursue online business. 

“A friend of mine was making money online via adsense (back in 2007 senior year). From that very moment, my friend and I learned about online advertising and since then my life has never been the same. That summer I chose not to go to college and proceed with online advertising. We stumbled upon CPA networks and at that time ringtones were very huge and popular because it was the start of cell phones having customizable ringtones.” Recounts Steve.

From there, Steve has never stopped working for online advertising. He has continuously adapted with the time to make sure that he is ahead of the curve and a reliable source to help others get ahead in online advertising. When he noticed the trends shifting to ecommerce, he quickly adapted to meet the new technology.

“During this time we noticed the trends start to change and ecommerce began to take a turn upwards. I decided to dabble in ecommerce and learn dropshipping, ebay automation, amazon automation and shopify. While my friend switched focus on multiple things including crypto, real estate and other investing opportunities. I started with ebay and dropshipping again self teaching myself and learning from my mistakes quickly and adapting to trending products. From late 2016 – to present I’ve been fully focused on ecommerce as well as my clients building multiple 6-7 figure stores.” Explains Steve.

Even in the ecommerce market, Steve has challenged himself to do more. He doesn’t rely on traditional platforms and methods to make sure his customers are happy. Instead, he goes above and beyond to ensure that he is on the cutting edge and delivering the best ecommerce services possible. 

“We pride ourselves on being able to conquer multiple advertising platforms. We don’t just rely on typical social media marketing campaigns like most agencies do. Our in-house media buying team specializes across multiple advertising platforms from Facebook, Google shopping, Native and Display ads. Aside from our normal agency duties, this year we started to offer a new program to our agency. We are providing a turnkey ecom store solution. With Our Turnkey Ecom Stores program, We are able to provide clients with everything they would need from start to finish for their ecommerce journey.” Remarks Steve.

Though Covid-19 has affected Steve’s business like many other businesses, Steve is still trying to remain flexible and adaptable. As many storefronts shift to online platforms, Steve’s role has become more crucial than ever before. He knows that this will be his upcoming challenge: to ensure that his business is ready to assist in creating and advertising more online businesses than ever before. 

“Everything is so volatile and unpredictable. People are still afraid to invest in themselves and or businesses and opportunities, which is understandable during these unpredictable times. More people are switching focus to online. Schooling, Ordering, Delivery Everything is switching to online. That’s the big thing now we need to focus on: trends, so we can adapt and be able to market to the correct demographics. That’s how you’ll come across any obstacle and conquer it; just stay focused with the right mindset.” Steve advises. 

Steve continues to look to the future, and hopes to continue to develop his Turnkey Ecom Stores further to help continue his journey in helping others pursue ecommerce dreams.

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