Eri Anton Launches New Brand To Empower Women Worldwide

Eri Anton Launches New Brand To Empower Women Worldwide

When Eri Anton moved to the United States from Mexico, she knew she would have to face many new challenges. As a Latina woman, she had to learn to rely on only herself, and through this solitude has learned to face every challenge thrown her way. She became a fitness enthusiast with the desire to help others learn about the benefits of the fit life and creating a life of balance. She has graced the cover of magazines like Low Rider, has been named the best abs of Instagram, and even been recognized as Instagram’s most inspirational model. 

With over one million followers on Instagram, Eri has managed to create her own brand focused around acceptance, inspiration and motivation. She has competed in National Physique Committee bikini contests, written a health and fitness blog, endorsed products, and has just launched her own clothing line called Inspire by Eri Anton. Having taken her physique to the next level, she is also an Elite Athlete for @BangEnergy and a Fitness Model for @Ignite

What inspired Eri to get started with her business was her need for independence. She had learned the hard way that she couldn’t rely on others, having been constantly let down and disappointed.

“I wanted my freedom to pursue my dreams and aspirations coming from very humble beginnings as an immigrant to this country.  Nothing is given to you and you have to work your a– off and still nothing is guaranteed,” she emphasizes.

She has learned to be very persistent and determined and not stop at anything.  Learning from her mistakes and finding ways to make things happen was critical to her getting to this point. Eri is proud of her culture and background and being a female business person. 

Her clothing line Inspire is focused on quality designs. Eri wants to have unique designs and to be as unique and different as those who wear my clothing. Never being satisfied, she is always looking to be better and to learn from others as well. She wants her clothing brand to stand out and represent what she stands for.

Eri seeks to inspire a new way of thinking for her followers. With her love for women and love for fitness, she seeks to inspire a culture that does not seem to offer women the care and support they need. Having been blessed with great genetics, Eri quickly found out how hated she was by others because of her looks.

“I could not understand, but later found out I was seen as a threat to other women. I want to change that as there is always going to be someone prettier or with a better body. We need to unite, not divide over superficial nonsense,” she shares.

While Eri had to face many obstacles to get to where she is, these things fueled her to be better and push harder for what she wanted. She had to deal with the language barrier, and lack of financial and professional resources to get started. Many times she felt like giving up and even wondered what the purpose of life was having to struggle so much. It was not easy for her to convert a dream to reality.  She was so much to learn and money and resources were huge barriers for execution.

“It took time to find the right resources to help me learn and get started. Everyone needs help and cannot do it alone.  Not all help is the right help and not all people who want to help can, so learning how to get the right people to help and knowing when to move on was challenging. In the end progress and results were all that mattered not good efforts. You learn to be tough and push hard because it is your life and dream and if you don’t want it bad enough no one else will either,” she says. 

Eri plans on competing for her pro card in competitive physique competitions. She will be competing next year, seeking to become pro and grow her fitness business even more.  She also wants to expand the designs and products of her clothing line. As well as bringing on more endorsements and creating a fitness training program for women.   

Her message now is for women to not allow themselves to be valued by their body or looks as we all have flaws. She believes women need to support other women and lift each other up and learn not be superficial. Beauty is about the heart not your body and looks. She also wants to inspire everyone to be their best and realize that gradual change and staying focused is most important. She seeks to motivate other women to be their very best.

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