Dream Starters: Changing The Way Books Are Created

Dream Starters: Changing The Way Books Are Created

It’s no secret that books can open new doors. Whether it’s learning new concepts, new ideas, or bringing inspiration to the reader, books are a powerful tool when it comes to achieving success. 

It’s one thing to read a book but a totally different thing to create one.

It was with this concept in mind that Mike Fallat, serial entrepreneur and CEO of Dream Starters Publishing Company, understood the need for successful entrepreneurs to tell their stories in a powerful and creative way. 

It was his fascination for books from an early age that drove him to start his very own publishing company and help hundreds of entrepreneurs pursue their dreams of being published authors, with many of them reaching ‘best-seller’ status within 90 days or less. 

“The way I create books is very different from a regular publication. I step into the shoes of the client, understand who they are from a very deep level, and then, I begin the process of creating a book in a very unique and attractive way, something that has been lacking in the book world for a very long time,” Mike explained.

Coming from the corporate world, Mike always knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur.

“I hated the corporate life. I always had thousands of ideas to improve businesses, but my ideas were stifled at every turn,” he explained.

After understanding that he was meant to do something greater to inspire others, he wrote a book titled ‘Started From Zero’ that changed people’s lives instantly and as a consequence created a system which would help others develop their writing faster and more efficiently. 

When it comes to following your passion, Mr. Fallat doesn’t mince words: 

“Always follow your passion and play to win. Give all your energies to your passion and always look for ways to make it your profit. If you are not willing to play this game to win, then you will not only lose, you will give up,” he pointed out boldly.  

It’s with this same energy and drive that Dream Starter Publishing operates. The company works to streamline the writing process so you have your own book in 30 days. Mr. Fallat’s ultimate goal is to deliver an immediate return on investment.

So if someone ever thought that books were on the way out, Mike Fallat’s new approach to book creation changed the industry and the way people look at books moving forward.

And as the great philosopher, Marcus Tullius Cicero, once said:

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.”