Djoudrjy Chiffra Knows Tragedy, But From It, He Found His New Passion: MUSIC

Djoudrjy Chiffra Knows Tragedy, But From It, He Found His New Passion: MUSIC

Hardship can be a very difficult thing to work through at a young age. It can have an effect on how you conduct yourself for the rest of your life. For Djoudrjy Chiffra, tragedy struck early in his life. He experienced a lot of hardship after losing his mom at a young age, however, his resiliency helped him get through life as well as his important relationship with his uncle.

“I was born in Haiti. My family moved to Miami in order to establish a better life. When I was nine, I lost my mother.  She was my everything, so her death had a big impact on me. It forced me to grow up quickly. When your safety net is ripped from under you, it teaches you to grind hard.  My uncle was a father-figure to me growing up. He educated me on the streets.” Recounts Djoudrjy.

Out of this tragedy, Djoudrjy found numerous ways to overcome the difficulties he was experiencing due to the loss of his mom. He found two new loves: football and music. He dove head first into both of them as a way to improve upon his life. To him, music was not only about the songs themselves, but they tapped into something deeper that helped him overcome the sadness he was feeling.

“Playing football changed my life! Not only did it give me a positive outlet, which I desperately needed at the time, but it helped me earn a full scholarship to college. I played college ball for a year before dropping out of school. I’ve always had a love of music. Coming up, there were so many songs that I can remember helping me through difficult times. I want to produce those classic sounds that people will always remember, similar to the ones I heard growing up.” Remarks Djoudrjy.

This love for music transformed into a new pathway for Djoudrjy. He wanted to help produce the kind of music that helped him in the past, so he became a music producer. Known as DJ Da Don, Djoudrjy is now making a living off of his passion for music. This passion for music and to do more in life always keeps him ahead in the business despite problems with finances in the past.

“I’m a music producer and A & R.  Although I’m mostly known for producing trap music, I also produce R & B and pop music as well. There are a lot of good producers out there. I have to give credit where credit is due. I’m just trying to create my own path.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m solid. I’m hungry!  I’m willing to invest the time and energy it takes to be one of the greatest.  I won’t stop until D.J. Da Don is a household name.” Exclaims Djoudrjy. 

The biggest struggle that Djoudrjy went through was being an independent producer who is not affiliated with a larger label because this meant that he had to be very careful with his finances. However, he overcame this and learned how to manage his money. Now, he is recruiting and training brand new up and coming artists as well as helping to expand the profiles of already established artists.

“I’m currently on projects with Blac Youngsta, Plies, Freddie Gibbs, and an up-and-coming artist named Sincere from Chicago.  I also have a project with Money Man coming soon. Not only do I work with artists who have made a name for themselves in the industry, but I work with many up-and-coming artists as well. Throughout the years, I learned the importance of hard-work, loyalty, honesty, and relationships. These principles govern my everyday life and define how I conduct business. This is only the beginning. There is much more in store for D.J. Da Don!” States Djoudrjy.

If you would like to learn more about Djoudrjy, AKA DJ Da Don, you can follow him on Instagram @djdadon_on_da_track.