Danielle Amos is a Teacher for Others in Understanding their Quantum Relationships: Here’s how she can help you Achieve Emotional and Mental Balance During the Difficult Times of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Danielle Amos is a Teacher for Others in Understanding their Quantum Relationships: Here’s how she can help you Achieve Emotional and Mental Balance During the Difficult Times of the COVID-19 Pandemic

For many people living in the time of COVID-19, stress is incredibly high. Worries over job security, finances, and day to day wellbeing are on the rise and the forefront of everyone’s mind. There is hardly an escape route that people can take to get away from these concerns and difficulties in their lives. High-Performance Mindset Coach, Danielle Amos, has been in a situation like this before.

“My husband is an actor, which also means that he had good years and not so good years, financially. I also struggled because I was a very good victim to my circumstances. I felt that my husband was sabotaging my success in network marketing. I made up this story that he didn’t believe in this industry and therefore, in me. It was not a good situation and it escalated. At the worst time, we were over $100K in credit card debts – worried, drinking a lot to cope with the worry, and I was short-tempered. I knew that if our situation was going to change, I needed to change first. I got sick and tired of being broke and worried.” Recounts Danielle.

For Danielle, she discovered that the key to forging through this kind of difficult stress was meditation, practicing the laws of attraction, and searching inward to feel better about outward problems that cannot be solved easily or overnight. For those living in the time of COVID-19, this sort of relaxation and revelation can be life-changing and help decrease the immense stress that we are all experiencing.

“That’s when I discovered the teachings of Bob Proctor. Thanks to Bob Proctor, I learned about the laws of attraction and how to create and manifest my new desired reality. Having studied Physics, I understood how that worked. And it really did work: After doing his Thinking Into Results course, I tripled the income from my network marketing business in just over 4 months. I even won an award with Arbonne too, for #3 in Canada for Sponsorship. I’d been raised to believe that in order to do better, you had to work harder. But through Bob’s teachings, I learned that when I could shift my thinking to a more positive and strategic mindset, I could actually get better results and work less.” Danielle remarked.

Danielle now has her own process of helping others. She has adopted the techniques that she was taught and created her own business to help teach others ways in which they can better themselves, relieve stress, and achieve their full potential. She wants to give people the chance to experience the results that she achieved, for their own life. She truly believes that everyone can have it all. 

“I am focused on helping my clients experience a quantum leap in their results – for example, turning their yearly income into their monthly income. As one of Bob’s top coaches, I coach with Bob directly every couple of weeks. I then share my experiences and knowledge with my community as part of their benefit of working directly with me.” Explains Danielle.

Danielle has recently started a few new programs to help kids both as a scholarship for future funds for college and as a mindset program to help younger kids also realize their full potential. With many kids at home and stressed about their future due to school closures as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, this work plays an integral role in keeping our children focused on the good.

“I’ve created a kids mindset program that is in testing mode now. We have created a partnership with the Unstoppable Foundation to sponsor a student to attend college – a percentage of all our company’s revenue goes to support the Unstoppable Foundation – it is my goal to have a group of people join me at the student’s graduation in Africa through our partnership.” States Danielle.

With many people struggling right now, Danielle’s pathway to a better self may be the best thing that we can all do to make ourselves better and more able to cope with our ever-changing reality. To find out more about Danielle, you can check out her website at https://www.danielleamos.co/ and can follow her on Instagram @_danielle_amos_.