CreativeTRND Is The Digital Marketing Agency That Is Helping People Go Viral and Manage Creators

CreativeTRND Is The Digital Marketing Agency That Is Helping People Go Viral and Manage Creators

In today’s world, no business is successful without digital marketing. Whatever the product or service you provide, if there is no digital advertising promoting it, chances are it will get lost in the vast variety of products and services that exist today.

This is why it is important that digital marketing agencies such as CreativeTRND exist, which offer their services to any type of business wishing to promote their work, such as restaurants, content creators, design and architecture experts and more.

“At CreativeTRND we help people go viral and manage creators.” Wayne Reilly, the president of CreativeTRND, shares.

Wayne Reilly is a self-made entrepreneur who sees business as his sport of choice, always being motivated to work on his business, which he takes very seriously. Since he was younger, he had been involved in social media.

“Just like most kids my age, social media blossomed in our generation. I was always on it, so it is second nature to me. It just made sense to me to work around it because it came naturally.” Wayne says.

For him, the biggest challenges when dealing with CreativeTRND and the industry of digital media marketing is the ever changing characteristic of social media.

“Social media is constantly changing overnight, so you have to bend with it and keep evolving and adapting.” Wayne states.

But there are some things that Wayne has identified as potential factors that can help the development of a business such as his own. One of these factors is having the right mindset, which for Wayne is everything when starting a business.

“My advice for those trying to start their own business and brand is to save up some money and make the right connections. It is also important to stay persistent and lose your ego.” Wayne advises.

While working in a changing and growing industry, it is easy to stumble across fear. But for Wayne, fear is a weak emotion that can paralyze people, which is why he avoids it all together. It is a distraction from his desire to achieve success.

“Success means a lot to me. There is no way to measure it.” Wayne says. “If you are happy, then ultimately you are successful.”

Wayne, who is based in Los Angeles, feels he is at the holy grail for all social media marketing. That is why his team at CreativeTRND is made up of intelligent, creative and persistent people, who sit down everyday and become creative, draw a plan and then get to work.

This is the case behind their digital marketing campaign for the restaurant St. Charles Bistro, for which they produced a video spot that “captures the passion and art that goes into the preparation of the food.” Through the video, CreativeTRND tried to show the atmosphere of the workers and the environment. 

Similarly, CreativeTRND also produced a video spot for iTekt, a company that creates liquid glass by using silicon dioxide (sand) that is compressed at the molecular level, thus providing incredible resistance and protection.

Many other businesses have worked with CreativeTRND, and the work done for each client is displayed, explained and analyzed on CreativeTRND’s website. 

“The service provided by CreativeTRND covers many areas: production–with a qualified team of producers and social media experts, organize reach–with a massive distribution network that can help make publications viral, paid reach–a team of marketing strategists, public relation–releases on most notorious media channels, podcasts, etc., design–with a team of designers that mantain synergy between them, and a technological and development component–with a team of tech wizards to fix problems on the go.” Wayne states.

While Wayne Reilly continues to sit down with his team to be creative, draw out a plan and get to work, you can find out more about him and his work by clicking here.