Brandon Johnson: How This Georgia Native Left His Corporate Job To Pursue His Dreams

Brandon Johnson: How This Georgia Native Left His Corporate Job To Pursue His Dreams

There’s no question that building your own business is tough. Starting from zero is tough. And Brandon Johnson knows all about it.

After leaving his corporate job after 6 years, Brandon Johnson, CEO & Founder of No Bad Days LLC, decided to leave it all behind to pursue his dreams and live life on his own terms and start his own credit repair business.

The one thing that made it all possible? Social Media.

After launching No Bad Days LLC, the Georgia native quickly rose to business fame, having more than 84,000 followers on Instagram alone.

Today, Not Bad Days LLC, is one of the most sought after credit repair and financial guidance companies nationwide.

Holding a firm passion to molding more self-made multi-million dollar companies in untapped markets, we had a chance to catch up with Brandon Johnson as he provided tips for current and emerging entrepreneurs; ranging from self-financing, effective branding, scaling and mindset.

1.How Did You Get Started?

No Bad Days started off being something I was using simply as a hashtag. Every time I would post something online I would always use the hashtag #NoBadDays. But that simple hashtag ended up being more than expected. No Bad Days went from a simple word to a movement across social media.

2. How Did You Go From a Regular Employee To Such a Powerful Brand?

 I decided to do something my current situation. After working a corporate job for 6 years, I decided to leave it all behind and start my own company.

I had no idea what I was doing but my vision of where I wanted to end up was so clear. I had to take training classes, and dedicate my life learning my craft.

Amazingly after all the late nights and early mornings of perfecting my craft I decided to take the next step. One of the toughest decisions I’ve had to make in my life. I decided to become an Entrepreneur full time. I went to work October 21st, 2015 and told my supervisor I will no longer be coming back here to work. I’m going to pursue my dreams.

3. How Did You Manage To Grow Your Business to Over $250,000 Per Year? 

You have to make sure that you’re very clear with what your goals are so that you know exactly what you’re trying to accomplish. Also, making sure that you’re doing the proper research no matter what you’re going to do.

Today, I’ve grown my business to over $250,000 business and growing. By 2020, we plan on breaking $500,000. Glad I decided not to wait on a manager position at the job making $65,000 a year. My main advice, don’t try to rush things, growing takes time.

4. How Do You Go About Finding Your Niche & Expertise?

Starting with what you’re passionate about is key. I’ve always been someone who believes in taking control of life and things that matter to you, and when you do work harder to master it. You only get one life to live and we should do the things we want and live out all of our most desired experiences. I just believe we weren’t put on this Earth to work extremely hard all our lives, pay bills and die. But I knew that type of lifestyle I wanted doesn’t come easy. There is hard work — a lot of hard work — behind all of it.

Today, Brandon Johnson focuses on helping hundreds of people across The United States improve their finances and provides them with the tools to live the life of their dreams.

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