Andrew Ragusa Wants To Provide Work And Opportunities To Over 100 Families By 2025: How Will He Do This?

Andrew Ragusa Wants To Provide Work And Opportunities To Over 100 Families By 2025: How Will He Do This?

Andrew Ragusa wants to provide over 100 families with work and opportunities by 2025 through his real estate brokerage and private equity fund that invests in real estate. He wants to share with these families the support that was given to him by the most important person in his life, his Aunt Lilla.

Andrew went to college and earned a master’s degree in health care administration. After graduating he was $60K in debt and only making about $30K annually. Throughout his struggle, he had his Aunt Lilla who watched over him and took care of him financially while he was finding his place in the world.

“The whole time Aunt Lilla would push me to think bigger, and would tell me over and over that I was destined for something much greater than I realized at the time.” Andrew shares. “She believed in me so much that she invested a large 6 figure number into me.”

After some years trying to find a job that put his knowledge to work, Andrew decided to beef up his resume by taking courses and getting certifications left and right. He was certified in all of Microsoft Office and even became a Notary Public.

“In 2015, I eventually got my real estate license because I have a friend from High School who was doing great at it and I thought we had a lot in common, so I could try it out until I got another corporate job. Little did I know it would snowball into what it has become today!” Andrew recounts.

Andrew started in real estate by October 2015, fully supported by his Aunt Lilla, who promised to help see him through this career change. And lo and behold, just after four months of getting his license, Andrew was already shining.

In early 2016, Andrew won Top 40 Under 40, in 2017 he was awarded Excellence in Real Estate, he was in the Keller Williams Silver Circle in 2018, and awarded the King of Queens (NY) for 2019. Even this year, Andrew just got notified he will be awarded Top 40 Under 40 again.

“Today I have finally reached a point where the tables have turned, and it is my chance to take care of my Aunt as she is approaching retirement age.” Andrew says. “I started my own RE Brokerage which has made 6 figure income already for 2020 and I’m currently flipping 4 houses.”

Once Andrew’s friends and family saw how well things were going for him, they decided to invest in his projects, which gave him more capital for flipping. This snowballed into what is now Andrew’s private equity fund called Assets for Opportunity, which is named after his Aunt Lilla. 

“Our property flips provide work for 20 families, which are all from minority communities.” Andrew explains. “My goal is to provide over 100 families with work and opportunities by 2025. I want to share the love that was given to me by my Aunt Lillian and create an abundant life for my circle and all the people who become a part of this growing movement.”

Being involved in RE has given Andrew the opportunity to do what he had always wanted: to help other people, which is why he had originally studied to be in the healthcare business. Through real estate, he is helping people with their biggest financial decision of their lives, which is what will be their home and/or how to invest in properties.

Andrew is constantly looking to create more opportunities for people to invest in themselves and work hard to create an abundant productive life that feels good and accomplished. 

But there are several challenges that can get in the way when doing this or starting a business, such as the noise in life that can distract you or slow you down. This is why Andrew recommends understanding what it means to have integrity and stay true to yourself.

“Mindset is everything when starting your business.” Andrew adds. “Shattering your limiting beliefs and learning how to pick and choose who you allow to give you advice and information is part of the growth process. People will always affect each other and influence each other’s mindsets or thoughts so the person you spend the most time with better be someone you want to be like.”

Andrew also believes that fear is an indicator that whatever is in front of us is just something we have not learned how to do. Whenever we are afraid of something it is because we do not know what that something is. For Andrew, fear is the next level for his mind to grow, and as a leader to his team he needs to be able to create certainty by controlling fear and learning from it.

“My advice for those trying to start their own business comes from a lesson my Aunt Lilla taught me. Whatever it is that you are doing, do it from a position of contribution to something greater and simply because it’s the right thing to do.” Andrew advises. “For any business to be successful, it needs to solve a problem for the people who will pay for it.”

Andrew’s next projects include working on his private equity fund, which will be pretty unique in that the people investing in it will get lump sums on a regular basis, rather than when a building is sold down the road. Both his Real Estate Brokerage and Construction projects are hiring more and more people regularly. He will also continue to care for his Aunt Lilla, and keep pushing to create opportunities for multiple families.

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