Alario Harris, AKA Rio, Is A Versatile Businessman And Entrepreneur Who Mastered The Music Industry, Luxury Homes World And Much More

Alario Harris, AKA Rio, Is A Versatile Businessman And Entrepreneur Who Mastered The Music Industry, Luxury Homes World And Much More

Alario Harris, better known as Rio, is a businessman who has always had a taste for life’s finer things. Business has always been a part of his life. He grew up surrounded by it and became involved in it early with his music career. He wanted to make a brand for himself and create a business to go with that brand.

“I’ve released several songs accompanied by high-quality music videos. The videos share the stories of my life, including a few past relationships. In my leisure time, I enjoy traveling the world, seeing new cities while sharing my music, and networking with other artists and influencers. Growing up as a businessman, I learned the importance of building myself as a brand, and it taught me how to delegate my time to each of my three companies in which I currently run to fund all of my content and music production.” Rio recounts.

To launch his next venture into the business world, Rio created his current company, which is a luxury travel company. Rio created the incredible idea of an all in one inclusive luxury trip complete with luxury homes that he owns and rents to people and luxury vehicles to get them where they want to go along the way. To top that off, he does other businesses that help him earn money in addition to his luxury business.

“I own a luxury travel agency by the name of Escape Lux, where I am in control of 45 mansions in LA, Atlanta, and Miami. I rent these properties along with luxury vehicles (Rolls Royce, Lambos, etc.) to different clients with pricing ranging from $1,000 to $6,000 a night. I also own a dropshipping/e-commerce company where I purchase items in bulk from overseas. My team of over 200 across the U.S. resell these popular items while making money sitting in bed and taking advantage of E-commerce. Lastly, I’ve partaken in the use of Artificial Intelligence. I partnered with a company in London that uses A.I. Software by investing my money and the money of interested individuals. I have a robot that multiplies my money for me and other investors.” Rio states.

Rio, from the very start, was honest with himself that he wanted to make money to enjoy the best things that money could buy. He started and created more businesses in order to enjoy life’s finer things and treat himself.

“Honestly, I was motivated by money. I have always been materialistic and I am not afraid of that. I have a taste for the finer things in life. They say money isn’t everything, but for me it’s right up there with water. I am also self motivated and have a strong business mindset. As a Virgo I love to help others, but the best way to help others is to get yourself to a stable point and make sure you are set for yourself. I am passionate about networking and picking other people’s minds so that our ideas can come together and create an empire.” Rio says.

Rio’s advice for those looking to start their own business is to make sure you have a product or service that fills a void for people or solves a problem. Otherwise, no one will want to buy your product or service.

“My favorite business quote is, “If you don’t find a way to leverage other people, then you will work until you die.” The best way to get people to work with you is to have a product or service that they can use or sell. The best way to multiply your business is to apply yourself. People will help you when compensated, so always find ways to help other people make money. If you help enough people’s bills go away, then yours will go away too.” Rio advises.

Rio is on his way to a successful new year. He is only speeding up while the rest of the world is slowing down. From Rio, you can expect some more music and music videos along with some more traveling on the side to help him expand his music taste and sounds that go into his music.

“I am releasing an album this year and at least six new music videos. I am also very adamant about growing with people and connecting with other networks across the world, so after the virus calms down, I plan to do a lot of traveling out of the country. Travelling will help me to start versifying my music and add other vibes to my productions. Everything I produce currently is off of personal experience. So the more of the world I get to experience, the more I’ll be able to inquire into my music, and I will also start to reach an entirely new fan base.” Rio exclaims.

Find out more about Rio by checking out his Instagram and check out his luxury service Escape Luxury @escapelux.