Aaron Tran Defies Familial Expectations By Choosing To Pursue E-Commerce Instead Of Following A More Traditional Path

Aaron Tran Defies Familial Expectations By Choosing To Pursue E-Commerce Instead Of Following A More Traditional Path

Aaron Tran grew up with certain expectations coming from an immigrant family. Many things were expected of him because of his family’s background, which made it difficult for him to follow his dreams. Despite this, Aaron has been able to follow his own dreams.

“Growing up one out of 7 kids from an immigrant family, we didn’t come from much, we were not wealthy nor were we poor.  I come from traditional strict parents that told me “you have to go to school and get a degree level education to be successful.” Recount Aaron. 

From early on, Aaron knew that the normal nine to five job was not for him. He felt that the corporate lifestyle was too monotonous for his enjoyment and strived to do something different where he could truly be himself and enjoy his life.

“In 2019, I dropped out of college to pursue the unknown and in the process, I started a corporate job that didn’t fulfill my needs. Eventually, I knew that working a 9 to 5  didn’t serve my full purpose for creating a life on my own terms. I had no experience in entrepreneurship, no access to capital, and I had no business connections. What I do have is a strong work ethic and determination to put myself to the test and see how far I could go.” Remarks Aaron.

Aaron experienced some struggle at the beginning of his journey but, clinging to his strong work ethic, continued to push for what he wanted. He failed numerous times, but never let it stop him. He created his own e-commerce business that is immensely successful. Aaron has been able to make an immense profit and achieve financial freedom.

“The journey wasn’t an easy one; I failed and I failed one after. I was about $5000 in debt when I first started in 2019, but I knew I had to be resourceful so I took action. I knew this e-commerce business was a perfect opportunity. Fast forward to now, I currently make 8 figures annually and I’ve generated 4 million in sales in the past 2 months. Right now, I currently manage a 20 person operation with my business partner. Aside from managing my business, I have a passion to help others and inspire them that anything in life is possible if you are consistent with what you believe in.” States Aaron.

Aaron has always been a man of action, which has helped him push ahead of his competitors. He knew from the beginning that he would not be successful overnight, but he kept pushing ahead because he knew that success would eventually come. This allowed him to create his e-commerce business and continue growing it past even what he imagined.

“The biggest difference from my competition is that even when times get rough, I learn to push through. I’m obsessive on knowing that everything is worth trying. I am an action taker; I don’t start tomorrow, I don’t start next week, I start today. I have an ownership mentality because no one will care about your business but you. I learn to love it even when times are bad. I was almost six figures in debt at the beginning of this year, but I did not let that stop me. Resilience is absolutely key to being great in business. Having the right people around you and building yourself a team and business partner will help you be the best at your craft!” Exclaim Aaron.

For anyone who is trying to start their own business, Aaron recommends having a good mindset and have the ability to work hard. In addition to working hard, Aaron recommends that new business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs should help figure out how to take risks in order to better their own business.

“My biggest advice is to start and take action, be willing to work hard without receiving a reward, be rational, take risks, be resourceful and most of all give back. Everything comes full circle, the amount of effort you bring out to the world, the amount of things you will receive in return. Don’t start tomorrow, don’t start next week, start now. Just know if you keep waiting there is someone else out there trying to create your dream.” Recommends Aaron.

For those who want to know more about Aaron, they can follow him on Instagram @aaronvtran.